Choosing the right detailing products

We speak with a lot of customers who ask us ‘how do you choose what detailing products to use?’ and our answer is quite simple, lots and lots of trial and error and testing until we find products that deliver the results that are up to our high standards and products that suit our style of detailing. Every detailer is different, we all have our own methods and as with anything, there are many ways of getting to a class results, it is unusual to find a right or wrong answer when it comes to an auto detail, as long as the results are there.

To help our customers understand a little more about the products and processes involved, we have outlined some of the basics below.

Car Cleaning/Shampooing

The most important part of a detail is to get the dirt off the paint without causing any damage to the paintwork below. This is what separates a top valet or detail service from your supermarket car washer and it is a serious aspect that can result in big costs to bring right. The way most detailers will carry out the first step of a car clean is with a shampoo or snow foam. Leading products lift the dirt from the paint, allowing for those nasty abrasive particles to be rinsed off before the detailer begins to touch the paint surface.

Car Washing Products

Paint Correction

Once the dirt and contamination has been removed, we move on to assess the paintwork, looking for imperfections that are reducing shine and clarity, such as swirls and minor scratches that literally dull the colour and gloss. Once we understand the exact damage, we can set to work to apply the right correction processes using the best products. Correction will see the imperfections reduced and the colour and shine return.

Paint Correction Products


Polishing is often the favourite part of the detail for detailing experts and we are no different. This is where the glossy finish comes from and this is where the customer is left speechless by the results. The previous steps are the foundations and lay the groundwork for special results, now the fun comes.

Car Polishing Products


Finishing off the hard work means protecting it for the long term, not just to keep the shine, but protect the paintwork from getting damaged any further. This is the step where we also treat the glass, alloy wheels, exterior trim, interior surfaces and fabrics and tyres.

Finishing Detailing Products

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