Beautiful, unique detailing products

Right Shine have developed a range of high quality, personalised car detailing products for use by leading detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our unique take on car care has enabled our customers to bring not only a unique finish to every car they work on but also that little extra that comes with a personalised brand.

Car care gifts & professional tools

Each of our products is made from the best quality combinations of cleaning solutions found in major detailing brands. Our stunning designed packaging makes every item a piece of art, ideal for gifts, automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Make every car detailing session that extra bit special


We use Right Shine products across or delivery vehicle fleet and we couldn’t be happier with the results both after a wash and during day to day use of the vehicles – Martyn, Bodymould, memory foam mattress toppers

Working in construction means our vehicles are constantly exposed to damaging materials and sites that require our vehicles to be protected and maintained to prevent costly restoration further down the line. Our team use Right Shine products on a weekly basis and couldn’t be happier. – Greg, EGS Scaffolding, Scaffolding Essex

About Right Shine

We come from a history of automotive customisation and car care, working with an don some of the worlds leading vehicles before setting out to create the perfect range of products to suit anyone who loves detailing.


If you want to find out more about our product range, you can buy on 3Dom Wraps or to speak with us directly, please submit a contact form below.